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The Neeshcast is a weekly show on Radio Xenu showcasing the best in Underground, Indie, Unsigned, DIY music.

Hosted by Miss Neesh, this podcast focuses on new and emerging artists who post their music for free online!

On air: Wednesdays 10pm EST. Thursdays 7pm EST.

Always on:, iTunes, Stitcher.

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This show is one-woman’s heartwork. If you’re really into it,

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IRL Interviews:

interview banner - red light juliet

interview banner - hudson hank
Neeshcast #25 - Interview with Stellar Young (formerly The City Never Sleeps) - "Everything At Once" release
Neeshcast #20: Interview with Josh Benash of Vuvuzela (and also Kiss Kiss) - "The Hollow Choir" release
Neeshcast #17: Interview with Sean-Paul Pillsworth of Nightmares For A Week - Anadivine reunion
Neeshcast #13: Interview with Daniel Grimsland of 3, Time Travels, The Grape and The Grain - "Devils" debut
Neeshcast #04 - Session 606 Interview - "Rebirth" release live video broadcast