Neeshcast #10: i got my heart, right here

On this episode I reflect on the progress of The Neeshcast, discuss home studios (in particular: Switchbitch Records), talk about Outdoor Velour’s official website, play some requests, burst into tears, and introduce a theme that will be carried on in the next few episodes!

  1. Tiger Tank – “You Leave Jack Burton Alone!”
    for Captain Internet (aka Shaun with a “u”)
  2. Park – “Gasoline Kisses For Everyone”
  3. Nuclear Summer – “Endless Kickflips Forever” *
    for djr.
  4. Emo Side Project – “How’s The Weather?” *
    for Pip
  5. Algernon Cadwallader – “Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples”
    for Punkyou aka ciclejerk
  6. The Summer Set – “Chelsea”
    for benabary
  7. The Weeknd – “Wicked Games” *
    for Beard 
  8. Joey Bada$$ featuring Capital STEEZ – “Survival Tactics”
    for Cleofis
  9. Here Come The Mummies – “Pants” (live)
    for Moe Dick and Thon
  10. 3 – “Wrong Alright (Gangstaship)”
  11. 3 – “Box of Hammers” (live)
  12. Coheed and Cambria – “Mother Superior” (Nervous Energies Acoustic Session)
  13. Anadivine – “Yes Sir, Mr. Machine”
  14. PEACEBOMB – 1991 cassette demo
  15. AutoPilot Off – “Looking Up”
  16. Young English – “Woke Up Under Water”
  17. Fair To Midland – “Dance of the Manatee”
    for Reece Warburton of Fireflies
  18. Anberlin – “Self-Starter”
    for TheZachAttack 
  19. Nightmares For A Week – “Smoking in Bed”
  20. Homemade Rockets – “Speaking In Tongues”
  21. Ricky Fuller – “Dear Sincerely Always Maybe” (piano)
    for Jordyn
  22. P.O.S. – “P.O.S. is Ruining My Life”
  23. The Legion of Doom – “Dangerous Business Since 1979” (Mewithoutyou vs. Underoath)
  24. mewithoutYou – “February, 1878”

*free MP3 download link on

intro: Thon, Bryan and Chance (KOB412 Podcast), TheZachAttack, Jacob Tender (, Pip (ThePipShow), Cleofis, CJ Pohlman with the Anthony Masington and Josh Eppard instrumental