Neeshcast #12: You And I Are Survivors

This episode was intended to carry on the ongoing theme from the previous episode, however, Zac Shaw’s intro completely sidetracked me and I took a journey through the Brain Fuck Daddy/Bleed Theory/Divest timeline.  I also spun some favorite tracks from bands with new releases, plus some actual new releases! I was able to continue a segment of the ongoing theme as well as get PUMPED for the upcoming Coheed and Cambria tour with 3 and The Dear Hunter! Enjoy the obscurity!

  1. Dead Unicorn – “So Much For Us” *
  2. Bad Brains – “I Against I”
  3. Divest – “Brand New Lie”
  4. Black & White Universe – “Define Normal”
  5. Counterfeit Disaster – “Connecting Flights”
  6. Counterfeit Disaster – “Bravery and Tragedy”
  7. The City Never Sleeps – “As You Go (Leave Home)” *
  8. Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground – “Birds (On A Day Like Today)”
  9. Minus The Bear – “The Game Needed Me”
  10. HRVRD – “Parts & Labor”
  11. The Calefaction – “So Serious”
  12. The xx – “Crystalised”
  13. InSpace Podcast – “Crisco Party”
  14. skycamefalling – “The Nothing”
  15. This Day Forward – “The Breath”
  16. Gatsbys American Dream – “You Stole My Story”
  17. O! The Joy – “This Fault Is Not Mine”
  18. Lower Definition – “Pueblo Cicada”
  19. Emarosa – “The Past Should Stay Dead”
  20. Dance Gavin Dance – “Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most”
  21. The Dear Hunter – “Filth And Squalor”
  22. Coheed and Cambria – “Time Consumer” (demo)
  23. 3 – “Battle Cry”

*free MP3 download link on