Neeshcast #13: Daniel Grimsland Interview (Part 1)

Daniel Grimsland - The Grape And The GrainThis is the most exciting episode yet! Monday, September 10th I sat down with Daniel Grimsland and his homie, Miles, for a chat. We hit record and Neeshcast #13 is the first half of what ensued! We discussed ethnicities, Willow Smith, progressive rock, instruments, touring with 3, The Grape and The Grain, Time Travels, the Mid-Hudson Valley scene, the Anadivine reunion, being underage, and making records! Additionally, we premiered the debut studio track from Daniel’s solo project, The Grape And The Grain! “Devils” was produced by Daniel’s bandmate- Joey Eppard, and mastered by Dan Coutant of the influential emo band- Joshua!

Please show some love to Daniel’s projects: 3, The Grape And The Grain, and Time Travels… and for God sakes… go see him on tour! Right now 3’s opening up for Coheed and Cambria. Look out for part 2 of our conversation premiering on Radio Xenu Wednesday, September 19th at 10pm Eastern.

  1. Copeland – “Careful Now”
  2. Contender – “Fighting To Win”


    Contender – Paul Grimsland is alll the way on the left and alll the way on the right is Steve Atwood with the guitar Daniel spoke about

  3. The Grape And The Grain – “Devils” (world premiere) *
    released September 16th for free download
  4. AM To AM – “Spot of Light” *
  5. The Ciggs – “Bright Eyed Princess” *
  6. Time Travels – “Jonah” *
  7. Battle Ave – “Oh Other, You Brother” *
  8. Nightmares For A Week – “Lightning Rod”
  9. 3 – “The Game” Revisions
  10. The Appleseed Cast – “Fishing The Sky”
  11. 3 – “Sparrow” The Ghost You Gave To Me
  12. The Bunny The Bear – “Kids” (MGMT cover)
  13. Ghost Among The Dead – “Red River”
*free MP3 download link on

song clips:

  • Willow Smith – “Whip My Hair”
  • Yes – “The Gates of Delirium”
  • King Crimson – “Heartbeat”