Neeshcast #14: Daniel Grimsland (Part 2)

This one is a lot of bit hard to hear clearly at certain points, and for that I’m deeply sorry. It’s the first time I conducted an interview without anyone else’s help. Honestly, I’m reluctant to even call it an “interview” because it felt like more of a recorded chat with an old friend. Either way, live and learn. The content is great though, Daniel shared some awesome tour stories.

I need to do a Kickstarter campaign so I can get appropriate equipment.

Anyway, in the conclusion of my chat with Daniel (bassist of 3, bassist of Time Travels, mind behind The Grape And The Grain) we discussed DIY recording, “See Emily Play,” Max Oleson, touring with The Dear Hunter, touring safety, gambling, musical influences, auto-tune, dubstep, Warped Tour, MTV VMAs, Miles, rockstar stories, “The Last Day” studio session, Jimmy Eat World, and more! I also world premiered Side B of the brand new The Prize Fighter Inferno vinyl EP, talked about The Broken Radio, discussed Stellar Young, shared Vuvuzela’s The Hollow Choir release date (October 23rd), jammed to some Title Fight, and spun the brand new track from the Deftones.

  1. 3 – “See Emily Play” (Pink Floyd cover)
  2. 3 – “Where’s Max?”
  3. The Daydreamers – “Antarctica”
  5. 3 – “The Last Day”
  6. Jimmy Eat World – “For Me This Is Heaven”
  7. The Prize Fighter Inferno – “Pistol Pete Matty”
  8. Stellar Young (formerly The City Never Sleeps) – “The Fall”
  9. Deftones – “Leathers” *
  10. Title Fight – “Head In The Ceiling Fan”
  11. The Prize Fighter Inferno – “Half Measures”
*free MP3 download link on
cover art: Rob Parker (Harshing Your Mellow)
intro: Daniel, Neesh, and InSpace Podcast