Neeshcast #19: Mr. Shiver

In this edition of The Neeshcast, I get excited about getting stuff in the mail and get super pumped for next week’s conversation and playlist courtesy of Josh Benash (Kiss Kiss, Vuvuzela). I hop into my time machine a few times- once to congratulate OwlKristen for winning last week’s contest! She knew almost immediately that the clip was Stellar Young! This episode is jam packed with great tunes and ends with a long overdue hip-hop block!

Neeshcast #19

  1. Vuvuzela – “Like A Lion”
  2. Kiss Kiss – “Thoughts You Spoke”
  3. The Venetia Fair – “I’m Still Amazed”
  4. Behold… The Arctopus – “Sensory Amusia”
  5. Bison B.C. – “Finally Asleep”
  6. Russian Circles – “Mlàdek”
  7. Giraffes? Giraffes! – “She Looked Up From Examining The Freckles On Her Arm And Shouted, “Jesus! I’m Fucking God-Damn Tired Of All This Make-Up Sex!” And He Just Stared Off.”
  8. Stellar Young – “The Universe Is A Bully” (live)
  9. Color Film – “Bad Saint”
  10. Glassjaw – “Mu Empire”
  11. Head Automatica – “Please Please Please (Young Hollywood)”
  12. Men Women & Children – “Photosynthesis (We’re Losing O2)”
  13. Nick Hook with Color Film – “It’s A Sin”
  14. United Nations – “Say Goodbye To General Figment Of The Uss Imagination”
  15. Converge – “Sadness Comes Home”
  16. NGHBRS – “Paper Limbs” *
  17. Weerd Science – “Unloveable Loser”
  18. P.O.S. – “Fuck Your Stuff”
  19. Le1f – “Wut” *
  20. Sam Hill (Cage) – “Misanthrope”
  21. Vinnie Paz featuring Immortal Technique & Poison Pen – “And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun”
  22. Kendrick Lamar – “The Art Of Peer Pressure”
  23. Oh It’s Teddy – “Fuck”

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