Neeshcast #2: We’ll Sleep When We Are Dead

During my second attempt at a podcast I discussed an array of topics. Got kind of emotional in the middle. Most importantly, I shared some great tunes!

  1. Neeshcast #2: We’ll Sleep When We Are Dead cover artworkVelta – “Cheat On Me” free MP3 download
  2. Hidden Hospitals – “Controlled Chaos” free MP3 download
  3. Terrible Things – “Up At Night”
  4. Thursday – “Understanding in a Car Crash”
  5. Moving Mountains – “Tired Tiger”
  6. MC Lars – “iGeneration”
  7. Every Time I Die – “Revival Mode”
  8. Refused – “Liberation Frequency”
  9. Glassjaw – “Vanilla Poltergeist Snake”

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Feels like I’m getting the hang of this recording/editing stuff. I’m trying to put an episode out weekly. Also if you’d like to record an intro for a future episode, holla atcha girl!

*episode #2 intro by TheZachAttack. Music by Ant Masington & Josh Eppard.
*cameo by Penny!