Neeshcast #25: Stellar Young

Stellar Young4 days before Stellar Young released their debut full length album for free, I visited their apartment/studio for a chat! We discussed their decision to release for free, their recording locations, day jobs, kickstarter,, album artwork, the name change (they used to be The City Never Sleeps), and so much more! Curt Mulick, Dave Parker, John Glenn, and Erik Flora were such a treat to record with! We missed Kyle Hatch, but he was there in spirit. Each of the dudes picked two songs to contribute to the playlist.

Enjoy the tunes, and make sure to grab Everything At Once!

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  1. Neeshcast #25Stellar Young – “The Universe Is A Bully”
  2. Kaiser Chiefs – “The Angry Mob” (Curt)
  3. Moneen – “Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do” (Erik)
  4. When In Rome – “The Promise” (John Glenn)
  5. Death Cab For Cutie – “Cath…” (Dave)
  6. Jeff Buckley – “Grace” (Kyle)
  7. Bon Iver -“Perth” (Erik)
  8. Stellar Young – “Mistakes”
  9. Stellar Young – “Dorothy”
  10. The Wombats – “Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)” (Curt)
  11. Miles Davis – “Blue in Green” (Kyle)
  12. American Football – “Never Meant” (John Glenn)
  13. The Get Up Kids – “Holiday” (Dave)
  14. Stellar Young – “We Own Nothing”