Neeshcast #31: i could use a shot of another love + Live Interview with Kyle of Handguns

Happy Valentine’s Day? I suppose that’s all in the eye of the beholder! Fortunately I still brought the jams in honor of this just-another-day-of-the-year! PLUS an impromptu interview with Kyle Vaught of the pop punk band, Handguns! You see, I randomly go live on air at Radio Xenu sometimes… Late night January 31st was one of those nights, and we had quite a bit of fun! Enjoy the tunes, talk, and make sure to support the artists! Rock on.

  1. Tilian Pearson – “Flutter”
  2. Tides of Man – “Salamanders And Worms”
  3. Tilian Pearson – “Up in the Air”
  4. FUCKTARD – “Fist Fuck The Pope” [free EP]
  5. The Bronx – “Along For The Ride”
  6. Fall Out Boy – “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)”
  7. The Postal Service – “A Tattered Line of String”
  8. Time Travels – “Secret” [free download]
  9. Nightmares For A Week – “2011”
  10. Session 606 – “Anti-Socialism Is the Poor Man’s New Black” [free download]
  11. interview with Kyle of Handguns
  12. Handguns – “I Hope He Kills You”
  13. Stellar Young – “The Misses” [free album]
  14. Brand New – “Degausser”
  15. The Movielife – “Deal With It”
  16. A Lot Like Birds – “Think Dirty Out Loud”
  17. Chiodos – “Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek”
  18. Weerd Science – “Infinity” [free download]
  19. The Spill Canvas – “Dutch Courage”
  20. Alkaline Trio – “Radio”
  21. Lions Lions – “Tumbling”
  22. Hot Rod Circuit – “The Pharmacist”
  23. The Get Up Kids – “No Love”
  24. Relient K – “Which to Bury, Us Or the Hatchet”
  25. Relient K – “Let it All Out”
  26. Stellar Young – “Over All Over” [free EP]