Neeshcast #36: These are the confessions of a bad heart that was filled with holes (+ old Weerd Science interview)

Earlier this week I posted up a mini-documentary of the journey one song took from conception to our ears, so I discussed it this week. I also discussed artist events on Turntable.FM, we sampled some new releases, and we mourned the loss of My Chemical Romance and Tigers Jaw. Lots of great tunes this week! Make sure to support the artists you dig!

  1. Bury Me A Lion – “Satellite” [free album download]
  2. Newborn – “C’mon”
  3. Weerd Science – “Unlovable Loser”
  4. Stellar Young with Weerd Science and MIRK – “All The Effort” [free EP download]
  5. Weerd Science – “Infinity”
  6. MC Lars and Weerd Science with Gangstroph The Baptist and Stellar Young – “How To Be An Indie Rapper” [free MP3 download]
  7. Newborn with Joey Eppard – “Beyond These Years” [free download]
  8. 3 – “Earth Rotates” [free download]
  9. Eppard Brothers – “Earth and Sky” live [full set download]
  10. Joey Eppard – “All My Life” live
  11. Nightmares For A Week – “Down in the Streets”
  12. Session 606 – “Working Class Hit Men”
  13. Caravels – “Lacuna”
  14. Kvelertak – “Åpenbaring”
  15. My Chemical Romance – “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”
  16. My Chemical Romance – “Helena”
  17. Tigers Jaw – “I Saw Water”
  18. Tigers Jaw – “Chemicals”
  19. The Dear Hunter – “Shame”
  20. Coheed and Cambria – “Everything Evil” live [full set download]