Neeshcast #8: Who The Fuck Do You Think Is Going To Save You Now?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 Episode #8 of The Neeshcast premiered on Radio Xenu at 10pm Eastern Standard Time. It was then re-run on RX Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 7pm EST. That’s the new schedule! I’m on Wednesdays after a rerun of ThePipShow and then I rerun Thursdays just before a live ThePipShow! When is complete, the episode will then be posted for download that Friday so if you missed the airing on RX, you can grab the episode for your mp3 player to keep you company over the weekend!

When The Neeshcast is on air, hang out in RX’s chat room! I’m usually in there talking more about the music and slinging links. It’s fun times, for sure!

So this episode, I experimented more with the format. I talked a butt load in the beginning, then shut up for an hour and a half spinning badass jam after badass jam. The 8/8 #8 Neeshcast is jam packed with 29 songs!

intro: KOB412 Podcast‘s Bryan and Chance over Anthony Masington and Josh Eppard’s instrumental

  1. Andi Smith – “Rose For The Lady”
  2. Acceptance – “So Contagious”
  3. Armor For Sleep – “Dream To Make Believe”
  4. I The Mighty – “Dancing On A Tightrope”
  5. Further Seems Forever – “Wearing Thin”
  6. Dashboard Confessional – “Turpentine Chaser”
  7. Emo Side Project – “Forgot About Dre” (Dr. Dre featuring Eminem cover) *
  8. Lizards Have Personalities – “In All Honesty” *
  9. CarlFox – “Wolf Cookies” *
  10. Caleb Lionheart – “Coney Island”
  11. No Tide – “Sleepwalk”
  12. Galleries – “A New Beginning” *
  13. Gypsy – “Count Your Blessings”
  14. The Venetia Fair – “A Lady And A Tramp”
  15. Gatsbys American Dream – “Modern Man”
  16. Verse The End – “Garden State Romance” *
  17. Outdoor Velour – “Grown Up Problems”
  18. Kiss Kiss – “Plague #11”
  19. MATH featuring Alana Orchid – “We Were Optional”
  20. Flannel Mouth – “The .22”
  21. Josh Benash – “My Little Noose” *
  22. A Modern Animal – “The Queen”
  23. TickTockMan – “Scavenger! Move Along!”
  24. Bad Rabbits – “Stick Up Kids” *
  25. Jolly – “Joy”
  26. As Friends Rust – “We On The Next Level Shit”
  27. The Gay Blades – “Try To Understand”
  28. Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground – “Hey Momma”
  29. Cadillac Blindside – “True and Cold”
  30. Matchbook Romance – “Lovers & Liars”
*free MP3 download link on

Background Music:

  • Dave Parker – “Song 7”
  • Brazil – “Form and Function”
  • King Crimson – “The Sheltering Sky”
  • …Of Sinking Ships – “The Last Signal”
  • Red Museums – “Through Holographic Gates “