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So, you somehow found yourself on this site and must be thinking, “whooptydoo… but what does it all mean, Basil?” Good thing you landed on this page, then! The answer is “42.” Wait, what? Okay fine, read on.

What the heck is a “Neesh” and what is it “casting?”

The Neeshcast is a weekly podcast focused on forward-moving music of many genres. It’s hosted by some chick from the HVNY named, Neesh and premiered weekly on Radio Xenu.

This girl is a multimedia geek! I DJ on Radio Xenu, manage bands (currently: Session 606), build online communities (Cobalt and Calcium, A Thousand Torches, AF4A, PPRAE), have a record label (Oratorium Records), guide artists through the internet & social media, and am always looking for new avenues to exercise creative promotion. I’m a proud member of thefamily3, a part of The Weerd Science Super Posse of Awesomeness, a Threedom Fighter, WS Rebel Alliance General, One Among The Fence… I guess these days I’m a publicist (hire me?).

I have been connecting incredible musicians with their beautiful fans and vice versa since 2004. I once studied Journalism at SUNY Purchase, as well as Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of New York City. I love to write, am fascinated with every side of music, and deeply appreciate learning about where things come from.

I’m based in Hudson Valley, NY and am passionate about “the local scene.” I go where my heart leads and feel most fulfilled when doing what I do to allow persevering anomalous artists to focus on what they do.

I’ve got a heart that beats for the art. -Josh Eppard

Official Shit

Radio Xenu
DJ (2012 – present)

Editor-in-Chief (2012 – present)

Founder (2008 – present)

Music News Writer (2011 – 2012)

Neesh Promotion
Owner-Operator (2004 – present)

  • Stellar Young (marketing, Public Relations, social media consultation, website design.)
  • Outdoor Velour (official website design)
  • PPRAE (“Social Media Queen” –TheRareCreature, and Event Coordinator)
  • Music For End Times (extra hand for- Nightmares For A Week, Dead Unicorn, By Land or Sea)
  • The City Never Sleeps (consultation, web-presence development)
  • The Broken Radio (consultation)
  • Cosmonaut (consultation)
  • The Flatline Symphony (consultation, web, PR)
  • SALVIN Sound, Lighting, Club Design & Special FX (web, extra hand)
  • Session 606 (management, web, PR)
  • A Scream For The Memory (management, web, PR)
  • Mours (day-to-day management, web, PR)
  • Counterfeit Disaster (consultation)
  • Peacebomb (consultation)
  • Metal Blade Records (promotion for inaugural Progressive Nation Tour)
  • Eppard Brothers (publicity, webmaster)
  • Threedom Fighters (theband3 street team)
  • The Rebel Alliance (Weerd Science street team)
  • 3 (web, publicity)
  • MATH (publicity, webmaster)
  • Weerd Science (Merch, Webmaster, Booking, Publicity, PR, Day-to-Day Manager)

Hub SoMe
Online Community Development Specialist (2010)

Oratorium Records 
Co-Founder (2010 – present)

  • Session 606
  • The Flatline Symphony
  • A Scream For The Memory

Site Contributor (2009 – present)

Cobalt and Calcium
Site and Forum Administrator, Co-Founder (2004 – 2007)

Song Credits

3 – “See Emily Play” (Pink Floyd Cover)
The End is Begun Special Edition
background vocals

Zach Deputy – “Fresh Street”
“Cool Yourself Off”
background vocals & hand claps

Weerd Science – “Unloveable Loser”
Sick Kids
background vocals

Weerd Science – “Outro”

A Scream For The Memory – “Barebones”
Pop! Goes The No-Wave

The City Never Sleeps – “Mistakes”
hand claps

Session 606 – “Division The Conqueror”
Hiatus and Rebirth
background vocals

Let’s Chat!

Holler atcha girl on twitter and facebook! You can also find me on last.fmspotifyyoutubevimeosoundcloudtumblr, instagramgetglue and foursquare (I’m not going near Pinterest).

Unless, of course, you’d like to hire me for a freelance gig. In that case, shoot me a message in the box down there.

If you’d like to submit music to be considered, feel free to! I’m always up for scoping out some new tunes, but I can’t make any promises! Each episode is organically formulated based on what I’m most moved by that week.

Oh! I’m addicted to SongPop too! Let’s play! I’m “theneesh”

Rock on!