Episode 36.

#Neeshcast photo contest.

Coheed and Cambria Radio City Music Hall March 2013 signed setlist posterPrize: Signed Coheed and Cambria Radio City Music Hall setlist poster.

The skinny: Every week I post photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr stating when an episode of The Neeshcast is Premiering or Encoring on Radio Xenu. Now it’s your turn! Post a creative photo (or computer graphic, or mix of both… whatever moves you!) on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr page stating something along the lines of:

  • All new Neeshcast
  • Wednesdays 10pm EST
  • independent, underground, unsigned music

*Make sure to tag #Neeshcast in your post, and also share the link in the comments below!

Contest ends: Tuesday, April 30th at 12am EST.

The winner will be chosen at random with and will be announced on the May 1st episode of The Neeshcast.

Winner: Canaan.

Episode 18.

Audio clip: Who’s this in the studio?

Prize: T-Shirt & CDs.
Winner: OwlKristen.