Current Top 5 Episodes

Current Top 5 Episodes of Neeshcast5. Neeshcast #28: Alive Inside
Quite a variety of tunes this week.
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4. Neeshcast #39: we’ll make good times, not tragedies (+ Time Travels song Premiere)
This episode features a retrospective listen to some of the The Grape And The Grain chat (now that the debut, Better Keep Digging, has been released), a brand new Time Travels tune that can’t be heard anywhere (til the EP release on Tuesday), The Venetia Fair drop in for a second, and there’s so so so much more!
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3. Neeshcast #42: Weerd Science, Dirty Ern, Chris Bittner (Red Light Juliet)
Weerd Science (Coheed and Cambria’s Josh Eppard) was working with Chris Bittner (Applehead Recording and Production) and DJ Dirty Ern at Ern’s home studio, so I stopped in for a chat! We talked Red Light Juliet, influences, DIY recording, independently releasing music, and oh so much more! One of the most fun episodes yet! During the time of recording and the May 15th premiere on Radio Xenu, the album was not out yet. In exchange for premiering a tune off the record, we unveiled the track-listing. RLJ dropped May 21st, 2013 and can be streamed/purchased on bandcamp. In fact, the release did so well on the first day, that it blew past several Wu Tang Clan releases and held the #1 spot on the site! A limited run of 400 CDs are in the works. Without further ado, here’s all about the release straight from those who created it!
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2. Neeshcast #17: Sean-Paul Pillsworth
October 7th, 2012 I sat down with Sean-Paul Pillsworth of Anadivine and Nightmares For A Week for a chat. We discussed the reunion, break-up, new band, touring, vinyl, local music, and so much more! I’m so excited to be the one to help shed light on all of this, especially since I’ve been talking about this reunion for months!
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1. Neeshcast #27: Sam Oatts (Hudson Hank album PREMIERE)
Monday, January 7th, I visited Sam Oatts at his home studio to chat! We discussed his band, Hudson Hank, and their debut full-length album (produced by Guy Berryman of Coldplay)! Sam also put together a terrific playlist, highlighting songs that influenced the yet-to-be-titled Hudson Hank album. Keep an eye out for the record on iTunes in February!
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Listening Habits 2013-06-16 at 2.19.37 AMLet’s talk listening habits. Do you catch Neeshcast during the air time on Radio Xenu? or do you wait til later on and catch up with the edited podcast? If you do the podcast listening, what device do you typically use?

I know the podcast listening is a little difficult, so I just wanted to take a second and break it all down, based on the top listening devices this month.

  1. iPhone (smartphone, duh)
  2. Google Chrome (web browser)
  3. Android (smartphone)

iPhone– to listen on an iPhone, grab the “Podcasts” app. Launch the app, click “store” in the top left. Go to the “search” and just type in “Neeshcast.” Then… boom. You found me!

Web Browers– There’s a million ways to listen back on a computer. You can stream directly on the website at You can listen in iTunes ( Or you can stream with the Stitcher Radio app online via

Android– Grab the “Stitcher Radio” app. Launch it, and search for “Neeshcast.”

*if you’re concerned about the podcast downloading and filling up your hard drive- I recommend listening with the Stitcher Radio app.

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Neesh

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