Editorial: A New Beginning

Music Connecting PeopleThis so perfectly illustrates my feelings today.

I’m in the business of connecting people, through music, to each other, and to music. I’ve been doing this for well over 7 years, mostly without realizing how deep it really is.

I’ll never get paid for this because I’ll never exploit it. Them’s the facts. Somehow, I’m going to bring all this to a different level… Or I suppose, just continue the evolution. Personal, professional, and web revamps are eminent.

As sites like tumblr, facebook, and twitter are our main source of connection right now… I have no idea how we’ll stay connected once they wither away. I promise you, I’ll still be here… fighting for the underground to be heard.

A Neeshland streaming radio show is going to happen. As much as I enjoy the podcasts, it’s so time consuming to edit… and then I have all that time to let my anxiety and defeating thoughts take the wheel. Live is where it’s at. In a way, that will allow me to take requests and have live conversations.

I also need a job so uh… if you need any web consultation, a band site, a sturdy plan of attack for social media on the whole… holla atcha girl!