Sometimes other people talk to Neesh instead of her talking to herself (or in the third person)

Adrian Has Issues chats with Neesh!

I guested on Adrian Has Issues Episode #56! We had a great chat covering the history of Neeshcast, and our favorite music! .@Neesh & I geek out over @Coheed, @Weerd_Science, & more on my podcast, @AdrianHasIssues! — That … Continue reading

Neeshcast #42: Weerd Science, Dirty Ern, Chris Bittner (Red Light Juliet)

Weerd Science (Coheed and Cambria’s Josh Eppard) was working with Chris Bittner (Applehead Recording and Production) and DJ Dirty Ern at Ern’s home studio, so I stopped in for a chat! We talked Red Light Juliet, influences, DIY recording, independently … Continue reading

Neeshcast #36: These are the confessions of a bad heart that was filled with holes (+ old Weerd Science interview)

Earlier this week I posted up a mini-documentary of the journey one song took from conception to our ears, so I discussed it this week. I also discussed artist events on Turntable.FM, we sampled some new releases, and we mourned … Continue reading

Neeshcast #31: i could use a shot of another love + Live Interview with Kyle of Handguns

Happy Valentine’s Day? I suppose that’s all in the eye of the beholder! Fortunately I still brought the jams in honor of this just-another-day-of-the-year! PLUS an impromptu interview with Kyle Vaught of the pop punk band, Handguns! You see, I … Continue reading

Neeshcast #27: Sam Oatts (Hudson Hank album PREMIERE)

Monday, January 7th, I visited Sam Oatts at his home studio to chat! We discussed his band, Hudson Hank, and their debut full-length album (produced by Guy Berryman of Coldplay)! Sam also put together a terrific playlist, highlighting songs that … Continue reading

Neeshcast #25: Stellar Young

4 days before Stellar Young released their debut full length album for free, I visited their apartment/studio for a chat! We discussed their decision to release for free, their recording locations, day jobs, kickstarter,, album artwork, the name change … Continue reading