Listener Response: @BadEye63

Longtime Neeshcast listener, @BadEye63, rocks. He has always been a huge supporter of the show and really gets why I do it. Responses like his in My Music Scene in 2013 are truly inspiring!

…The other source I came across by accident in 2012 when I saw that Neesh had started up a music podcast – The Neeshcast. I recognised the name from her days on the Cobalt and Calcium fan-site (a very friendly community and an excellent source of information for any Coheed fan) and had some time to catch up on the back catalogue when I went on holiday in November 2012 and quickly became a regular listener. What I loved about the show is not just the music Neesh played, but the passion she showed when talking about the bands and the story behind the music, particularly when she had guests on to interview. The show gave time to unsigned bands and closes with the line “Support your local scene, cos if you don’t who the fuck will” which is a lesson for any true fan of music to take to heart.

Twitter and Facebook gave us a way of interacting and sharing thoughts on music we enjoyed and while our tastes overlap in many areas there are many differences – I’m more heavy metal less alternative pop/punk and Britney – but both of us love good music of any genre that is written and played with passion. Since the show moved from a downloadable podcast to live airtime on the internet station Radio Xenu it has become more challenging to follow due to the differences in time zone, but if I wake early on a night the show is running I tune in. Kind of summed up in (an adaption of) the opening lines of Coyote by Joni Mitchell “No regrets Coyote. We just come from such different sets of circumstance, you’re up late in the studio while I’m up early in the office”.

The Neeshcast had already developed its own style with time slots allocated to interviews, while playing tracks performed by or selected by the guest, and each guest has recorded lines that get repeated in the subsequent shows. The interview highlight of the year being the Weerd Science story – the making of Unlovable Loser, a track featuring some very poignant lyrics about Josh’s experience leaving Coheed, followed by a whole show to celebrate the release of Red Light Juliet after his return to the band. Neesh tweeted about how her show played Echoes (23:35) by Pink Floyd “with 0 fucks” the week that the Prog Rock show had put it out to an audience vote as to whether to play Close to the Edge (18:41) in full, which ended as a resounding yes to yes. If you’re going to set up a station to play prog rock you’ve get to get used to length and the Prog Rock show are now dedicating an end of year show to be a “long song” special.

I’ve had several requests played on the Neeshcast and a number of other mentions which is always fun to hear. In a recent show Neesh talked about how when playing a request she has to go out and not just buy the track but get her hands on the album. That struck a chord with me as I won’t make a request unless it’s a track I already own – if it’s good enough to play on the show then I need to own it – and on some requests it’s taken some time going through the album before I can find exactly the right track to request. The list of requests and other dedications in 2013 features – Sister Servant by Davenport Cabinet (Travis Stever’s side project), Neverender by Coheed & Cambria (both #29), The Beginning and the End by Anathema (#32), Peaches by The Stranglers (#41 birthday request), Die Young by Black Sabbath (RJD tribute) (#44), Exodus 8:25 (demo) by Session 606 (#38 replay), Brighton Rock by Queen, Resolve by Arcane Roots (Coheed support in Brighton), Atlas Stone by Haken. That’s a reasonable cross section of my collection.

So to close this blog I’d like to thank Neesh in the way I am sure she would like best by featuring the music I have purchased after hearing her show. And if I hear a track on the show I like then I have to go out and get the album and usually some of the back catalogue thrown in as well. The list currently stands at: Anadivine, Athletics, Caravela, Dead Unicorn, The Dear Hunter, Hidden Hospitals, Hudson Hank, I The Mighty, Joey Eppard (Solo), Night Verses, Portugal. The Man, Regret the Hour, The Reign of Kindo, Session 606, Stellar Young, Vuvuzela, The Venetia Fair, Weerd Science.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Brad! It’s been such a great year with all our listeners, influencing each others’ tastes, transcontinentally! Here’s to 2014!

The Neeshcast airs Wednesday nights from 7-11pm Central time. Next show: January 1, 2014.