Neeshcast T-Shirts!

This year we made the first ever Neeshcast shirts! The feedback was so immense (after the initial batch arrived at doorsteps), that I brought back the preorder for a second batch!

The preorder for batch #2 has been live since around November 5th. I’ll be shutting it down Thursday, December 17th at 8pm CST. So you’ve got between now and then to place your order, if you haven’t yet! There won’t be any for sale afterward. I won’t be buying a bunch to gather dust. Just printing up what’s preordered.

Thanks for all your support! Here’s to another fantastic year of Neeshcast!

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Posted by Neeshcast on Saturday, November 14, 2015

P.S. See you Wednesday night from 7-11pm CST, as usual, for the the show!