Top 5 Music Podcasts

There’s a few podcasts I love listening to. Sometimes laying in bed before falling asleep, sometimes first thing in the morning, with my coffee. Here’s my top 5 (all are available on iTunes, and also stream on their respective websites):

Going Off Track

Going Off Track PodcastPunk-minded Interview based Podcast hosted by Steven Smith (former host of the taste-making Steven’s Untitled Rock Show on Fuse), Jonah Bayer (Music Journalist), Mike Cangemi, and Brad Worrell. Their first episode was posted days before mine. From the get-go it convinced me that that podcast format is viable. Going Off Track continues to inspire me as well as provide giggles. Seems like nothing’s off limits with these guys.

Some of their fabulous guests have been: James Dewees, Matt Pinfield, Walter Schreifels, Matt Pryor, Matt Rubano, Janeane Garofalo, Geoff Rickly, Jonah Matranga, Anthony Green, Julie Klausner…

official site:

Mostly Harmless Podcast with Dammit Damian

Punk-minded Interview based Podcast hosted by Dammit Damian (Music Journalist/Venue Manager). Really dig this guy’s style, he’s really sincere and has fabulous taste in music!

Mostly Harmless with Dammit Damian

official site:

Nothing To Write Home About with Matt Pryor

Emo/Punk-minded interview based podcast hosted by Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, Lasorda) in the comfort of his own home. Such great conversation with his fellow musicians and other interesting people amidst the ambiance of fatherhood. The podcasts are so down-to-earth, it almost feels as if we’re there- sitting back with a beer in hand, reflecting on past journeys. Matt Pryor is just such a great conversationalist. Almost never want his episodes to end! Matt Pryor really has the best damn guests.

Nothing To Write Home About

official site:

Washed Up Emo Podcast

Emo-minded interview based podcast hosted by Tom Mullen who also has a blog of the same name. Tom Mullen also hosts “Emo Nights” in New York City. He’s chatted with some of the most influential artists in the genre such as: Jim Adkins, Matt Pryor, Norman Brannon, Vinnie Caruana, Chris Broach, Bob Nanna, Eric Richter, Davey von Bohlen… Phenomenal content.

Washed Up Emo Podcast

official site:

Post-Rock Paper Scissors

Music podcast hosted by Armand Babian that I recently stumbled upon on Mixcloud. This guy’s got fabulous taste that isn’t limited to Post-Rock. He’s very knowledgable, puts together lovely themed playlists, and also tinkers a little bit with some tasty downtempo.

official site:

The Neeshcast is a weekly show on Radio Xenu that focuses on DIY, Independent, Under-The-Radar tunes… mostly available for free download… plus a bit of Industry talk and the occasional guest co-host/DJ/interview. The show airs Wednesday nights at 10pm Eastern, encores on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern, and then is podcasted. This whole thing is just one chick- Miss Neesh.

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