What’s Up with Neeshcast?

#mfw I'm rockin' out to #NFG's #1999 classic album "Nothing Gold Can Stay" for the first time in years, instead of having coffee. Penny's concerned. She doesn't know how to deal with her Neesh flailing and skanking and jumping up and down. At first it was fun, but now it's just weird. #poppunk #workout

#mfw I’m rockin’ out to #NFG’s #1999 classic album “Nothing Gold Can Stay” for the first time in years, instead of having coffee. #poppunk

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m all hyped up from listening to Nothing Gold Can Stay (1999), “It’s All About the Girls” EP (1997),  A New Found Glory (2000), and now I’m onto Sticks and Stones (2002) by New Found Glory… all in one shot. It’s been years, and all these memories are flooding back of printing out lyrics and highlighting the good ones to use for writing inspiration in High School. I blame Pip. During his Thursday night show he kicked it back to the mid 00’s of Alternative Rock to pay tribute to a greatly influential defunct Wichita, Kansas radio station, Fly 92. Definitely a precious era to me, as that’s about when I started to dig deeper to see what was going on underneath radio music. Pip’s playlist that night was specifically songs from Fly 92’s playlist, and as awesome it was hearing all those jams, I was left with a burning desire to spend time with pre-Catalyst NFG again. Now as I’m up to the album that broke NFG out into the mainstream (“Head on Collision” is on this one) I’d like to share what’s up with Neeshcast these days.

Throwing up the words that I said to you.
I always do what I’m not supposed to.

We’re approaching TWO YEARS since Neeshcast moved to Radio Xenu.

What? Really? Already? Holy shit!

While on Radio Xenu:

  • we heard Episodes 5-56
  • for quite some time had 2 fixes of Neeshcast weekly (the Wednesday night premiere followed by the Thursday night encore just before ThePipShow)
  • at some point we were getting 3 fixes of Neeshcast weekly (the Tuesday afternoon Neeshcast Random Retro Replay in addition to Wednesday Premiere and Thursday Encore).

Last fall I picked up a full-time job and didn’t have the time required to really research, craft a playlist, record a 2 hour show, edit the show, and upload it for weekly airplay. It crushed me, and I announced that I’d be going on a hiatus to focus on the job.

I couldn’t stay away. Listening to music, researching it, writing about, and talking about it is… well that’s me. That’s been me for 14 years. Having this opportunity to do a podcast/radio show was just perfect. So, I couldn’t possibly stay away. After long talks with Pip we decided that I’d start two hours earlier and just do the whole thing live. From September 2013 – April 2014 Neeshcast was a 4 hour live show.

I’m not ready to turn my back on you yet.
I’m not going to let you down.

I quit that fucking job.

Continued going live, until my microphone went all wonky.

Then… my computer shit the bed.

For a week or two we scheduled old numbered podcast episodes during my timeframe.

The past month I’ve been borrowing a computer to prerecord 4 hours. It’s a fresh energy. I feel like Neeshcast really is best when it’s prerecorded. It’s especially been interesting not being able to work with my own library, or a machine with a CD drive. The whole work-around puts things in perspective. We create these archives of uncharting music. Having had the live experience, I truly feel that this ever-evolving Neeshcast beast is developing into something beautiful.

I started this thing: #iWannaKnow #TellANeesh. It really began at the end of May when I asked a question on facebook & twitter. What was the very first CD you bought yourself? Or have you never bought a CD? The flood of responses were perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I turned it into a segment on the May 28th show. I seem to come up with questions to ask the Neeshcast audience while listening to someone else’s show on Radio Xenu. It’s fabulous how we feed off each other! The next question lead to something that will surely continue on for weeks to come.

I asked what everyone’s favorite Alternative Hip-Hop project was. The June 11th show touched upon some of the replies. We heard:

  1. Sage Francis
  2. Scroobious Pip
  3. Busdriver
  4. Weerd Science
  5. MC Lars
  6. mc chris
  7. Professor Elemental
  8. MC Frontalot

We also heard about what makes each individual extraordinary and learned a bit more about subdivisions of Alternative Hip-Hop. Please feel free to continue to reply to the question because that was a really awesome bit. I plan to return to it with different artists periodically.

I’m also wondering, What’s your favorite movie soundtrack?

Curious to see what’s been spun this past month while I haven’t had a working computing machine of my own? I posted up the full playlist last night. >Neeshcast Playlist: 2014, May 15 – June 15

Yeah, this website really needs a revamp. All the show time info and whatnot is extremely incorrect. One day. Let’s get a decent footing with the return to podcasting. I still have to figure out how to post up the podcasts for later listening. I miss that, though nothing beats a Social Music Listening session when an episode is on air on Radio Xenu. The chat interaction, facebook comments, and tweets really make the show… and inspire ideas & direction for the next week’s show.

Hey, if you ever want to throw me a couple bones… I’m so into it. I use all donations for gear and to buy music to support the artists and for all of us to get a taste of during the show. >Donate to Neeshca$t

Oh. I’ve got another question, but this isn’t for #iWannaKnow #TellANeesh… although I would like to know and it would be great for you to tell me Ha-ha. How do you feel about contests? I’ve collected so much memorabilia over the years that just sits in boxes. The last contest we did was a year ago. Instead of just telling you, I’ll let the winner’s tweets explain:










Canaan won the Coheed and Cambria Radio City Music Hall Setlist Poster signed by the full band by participating in the last contest. I was super excited for him to get that package!

Yeah, I dunno what else I’ve got to say. My New Found Glory-thon ended and we’ve entered The Movielife territory. Holler atcha girl on Facebook & Twitter, and we’ll meet again Wednesday night! 7-11pm Central.

Oh, by the by, tonight is Enrabahn & Jaret’s Awesome 80’s. Shoot them your 80’s requests on their twitter or their facebook. The show tonight starts 2 hours earlier than usual: 8pm Central on Radio Xenu. I’m still trying to decide what I want to request. Being in Drive-Thru Records mode doesn’t really correlate with 80’s jams :D.

Thanks for all your support! You rock!


Revisit our guest episodes anytime!
Anthony Masington (Session 606) • Daniel Grimsland (The Grape and The Grain, 3, Time Travels) • Sean-Paul Pillsworth (Nightmares For A Week, Anadivine) • Josh Benash (Vuvuzela, Kiss Kiss) • John Glenn, Erik Flora, Dave Parker, Curt Mulick (Stellar Young) • Sam Oatts (Hudson Hank) • Kyle Vaught (Handguns) • Josh Eppard (Weerd Science, Coheed and Cambria) with Chris Bittner (Applehead Recording and Production) & Dirty Ern • Paul Heath, Zac Shaw (Dead Unicorn)

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